Why Deadlift, Squat And Bench Press Are So Important To Hypertrophy

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Most guys spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to build muscle without ever really getting the answer they want. Rather than learning how to deadlift of bench press effectively, they’ll waste hours of their time overlooking the basics in favor of finding instant solutions which do not exist.

But very few individuals actually do this.

The fact that these principles are so easily available can sometimes make things seem a little ‘too easy’. Instead, many people try to find over complicated solutions, such as high end fitness equipment or expensive sports supplements which promise instant results…

That’s why those same individuals often waste their first two years of training before finally realizing that there is no quick fix.

So instead of rushing out to buy the next big whey protein shake on the market which claims to turn you into a bodybuilder overnight, try focusing on perfecting your technique on certain exercises. Focusing your energy on perfecting your biggest lifts in the gym will give you far superior results.

Your biggest lifts are also referred to as compound exercises. They recruit many more muscle fibers during each repetition, allowing you to shift heavier loads and blast multiple muscles at the same time. They also release more growth hormone and testosterone than smaller exercises.

Learn the correct techniques showing you how to deadlift here.

If you have ever noticed how most men train in your local gym, you will realize the common tendency to spend too long doing cardio when their goal is fat loss and also too long concentrating on isolation exercises – smaller moves which only involve one muscle group, i.e. biceps or forearms. This doesn’t lead to success.

The latest science clearly shows that shorter, more intense bouts of cardiovascular exercise are far superior for fat burning. So there’s the first thing you should be looking to change in your program to make it more effective.

Strength based training is also vastly superior when it comes to hitting the weights, particularly if your goal is to build lean mass. Compound moves such as the heavy barbell deadlift, squat, lunge and military press remain undefeated in the gym for yielding real results.

Try moving away from the common mistakes of avoiding leg day and back day. These are your two biggest muscle groups and are therefore the ones which can produce the most results for you. The increased release of growth hormone from hitting these muscles very hard will produce some great results for you.

While teaching how to build muscle is a job which is often over complicated by those looking to make money from people who don’t know what to look for, the truth is you can get very far indeed by just sticking with the basic facts. These are proven, with years of scientific data to back them up. No miracle quick fix product can make that claim.

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